A Scarf and Intrigue In Your Relationship

A Scarf and Intrigue In Your Relationship

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Scarfs have been around for centuries, so what does a scarf has to do with intrigue in your relationship? And why do you need intrigue in your relationship anyway?

Second question first. Intrigue can be sexy. Intrigue gets attention, healthy attention. Healthy attention in your relationship from your partner creates healthy connections between the both of you.

We love the unknown, the intrigue. It’s natural to be attracted to something that seems intriguing. So how can you use this natural human quality to enhance your relationship? Believe me it is not hard. One item – a scarf.

A scarf you say? Yes, a scarf I said. Scarfs are worn for all kinds of reasons – from protection against the elements, to show rank in armies, for religious reasons or as an accessory. We are going to talk about the scarf as a wardrobe accessory here.

A scarf can hide just enough in a particular way that evokes that sense of intrigue in someone else. Chosen properly and worn appropriately, a scarf can immediately add a sense of intrigue to any persona.

The Right Scarf To Add A Bit of Intrigue in Your Relationship

The scarf should be light and colorful. It preferably should have a light, breezy look and feel to it.

The material itself should be soft and easy on the eyes. A multi-colored scarf with the colors flowing gently will do the trick.

Wearing The Scarf In An Intriguing Fashion

First, if you do not normally wear a scarf, you are bound to look a bit different just by wearing one. If you normally do, choose one that has the color and material characteristics above.

Wear the scarf so it covers enough of your face but not too much.

A scarf large enough to fall over  and around your shoulders will do the trick.

Make sure the colors of the scarf and your outfit either blends well or contrasts well.

Try not to wear an outfit that is going to draw attention away from the scarf. That means a simple outfit in this case is probably your best call.

Finally, have fun with this. If your partner seem puzzled at your new look, let him know it’s the new you for him. Have fun.

See some more fascinating images and ideas for how we can use a simple scarf to add more interest to our relationship.

Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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