Allowing Your Relationship To Flow

Allowing Your Relationship To Flow

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Allowing your relationship to flow is the single greatest thing you can do for it. There are so many analogies one could think of when it comes to water and your relationship, so many. Yet, maybe your immediate reaction is “What?”

I could not fault you for having that reaction. Few people are even going to relate water to a relationship much less think of an analogy. But bear with me; you will soon see where I am going with this.

The Power of Letting Your Relationship Settle or Flow

Water, left to its own devices, will either settle or flow. Sometimes we just need to leave our relationship to its own devices to let it either flow or settle. And what are the devices we are talking about here?

The capacity and capability of something free to find its own level while maintaining its own integrity and power. A flowing river is more likely to have more power than stagnant water constrained and robbed of some of its power.

Building Relationships That Flow Like A River

We can build relationships that are like the river that flows, cleanse itself, and delivers great benefits to all around it. And here is how:

Just love someone for who they are rather than whom you want them to be. When you are able to love someone for whom they are, then you are truly loving them and benefiting from that love. When you are just interested in loving someone for whom you want them to be, that love is always suspended as that person will never be who you want them to be. Be smart if you want to enjoy the benefit of love.

Give someone the space to be them-self in the relationship rather than trying to force them to be whatever you are comfortable with.

Let the relationship stay free of your personal pollutants so that it flows easily.

Allow the relationship to evolve in an organic manner rather than bringing in your own hell-bent idea of how it should be, who should behave how, and who should do what.

You Cannot Hold On To Water, Neither A Relationship

Just like how you cannot hold onto water, you cannot hold onto a relationship. A relationship will just flow through your hands just life if you try to hold onto water. And what does that tell you about a relationship?

A relationship like water, is not something you should seek to hold on to but something you should let flow over you and do what it does – sometimes cleanse you, sometimes calm you, sometimes comfort you.

Stop trying to hold on to your relationship so that you can direct it where you want it to go. Rather, let it flow and reap the benefits.

Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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