Being In Love

Being In Love

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Being in love is one of the most exhilarating feelings that a human being can experience. And I mean being in love. Not just loving someone and not being sure if you are loved back. I mean literally being in love with someone.

From hereon look at being in love in this manner. It will change how you approach your relationship because it will mean that you will work at staying in love.

The Wrong Narrative About Love

Too many of us have been fed the wrong narrative about love. As a consequence we take so much for granted about our relationships. If you want to be in love, you have to work at love. Being attracted to someone is not the same thing as being in love. A lot of us get that wrong and then get hurt as a consequence of false expectations.

Most likely what most of us consider as being in love falls short of the mark. Yet the principle of really being in love is so simple to grasp.

Love – The Correct Narrative

Being in love means nurturing the things in your relationship that generate loving feelings. It is not just being attracted to someone physically or otherwise. Attraction is important, but even with attraction comes dysfunctional behavior.

So what are some the things you can do to nurture love in your relationship and stay in love?

How To Ensure That You Stay In Love

Be kind and be gentle. I know, I know, this is so obvious. But nothing can sour a relationship faster than one of two acts of unkindness. These take a long time to be removed from the memory. Eventually they create a blockage to any feelings of love coming from someone.

Be a loving spouse and be ready to accept someone showing you love. Again, this seems so obvious but some of us are uncomfortable at being loving and accepting love. If you are having an issue in this area then you are going to have to resolve that issue.

Be lighthearted with your spouse and if you have kids, with them also. Being lighthearted creates an environment where feelings flow. It creates an environment where emotions are easily expressed and better emotional connections are made. Keep it light and you may even surprise yourself at how well you can express love.

Being in love means exactly that. You are not in love with someone if that person is not in love with you. That means love is something that you have to be more deliberate at than you have being led to believe. Reprogram that narrative about love and watch your relationship thrive.

Our relationship will thrive when we have realistic expectations. Then we can work at fulfilling those expectations. A huge part of the problem with relationships is the narrative we have been fed about love. Love is great when it is being experienced but it is something that we have to work at nurturing.

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