Being Your Genuine Self in Your Relationship

Being Your Genuine Self in Your Relationship

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How important is it to you to be your genuine self in your relationship? Be genuine and be natural. You cannot suspend parts of yourself so that you can be comfortable with someone else or so that someone will find you suitably comfortable. Neither can you expect others to suspend parts of them so that what are important are only parts of you.

Being Someone Else’s Caricature Is Unhealthy

We find it so easy to live up to the caricature others would have us be just so that we can not be afraid of being judged. Your greatest self-abuse is to abandon the real you. Would you abandon your child? No! Of course not! So why do you find it so easy to abandon you.
Look, you are not going to find fulfillment by being someone else’s ideal. Be you. And let their idea of who you should be, be damned. They will either get over it or get out.

Suspending Any Part of You To Please Someone is Unhealthy

Don’t suspend any of you for anything or anyone. Who the hell is worth what? What the hell is worth that anyway? Yes sacrifices are a part of life but that’s not what we are talking about here. We are talking about suspending a part of you in deference to someone else. That is a no-no. Be yourself, because there is nothing more sexy, nothing more appealing than being genuine. The only issue is who has it in them to see it in you.

People Who Rob You of You Do Not Deserve You

Those who would have you be anything else than what you are do not deserve being in your life. That’s not harsh – that’s the truth. What are they doing there? They can only be there to rob you of you. Are you prepared to have them do that? We all were created imperfectly. It’s impossible to imagine what kind of world we would have with only perfect people. Maybe it would be a wonderful world. One thing is sure, if no on is perfect, we all have work to do on ourselves. And that is where the work should stop. No one should be doing work on you to fashion you into their image. Period.

Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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