Breast-Feeding Privacy And Public Amenities

Breast-Feeding Privacy And Public Amenities

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From time to time I scour the internet for articles related to women issues and I came across this breast-feeding issue stemming from a request by a mom at Kolkata Mall, South City, (India), for the mall to provide amenities to allow nursing moms some privacy to breast-feed their baby.

Breastfeeding – A Chore?

Long and short of the story is the mom received a very rude, and crude and inconsiderate reply from a worker at the mall basically telling her she should complete her chores at home before coming to the mall. Yep. What chores is he, yes he is a he; what cores is he talking about? Breast-feeding of course – do your breast feeding chores at home where you have all the privacy you could desire and don’t come bother us. What? I had to read the reply twice. Maybe this guy was just terrible at writing. But not, that is exactly what he meant.

What Should Women Expect of Our Society In The Modern Era?

I have a problem. And women everywhere should have a problem with this attitude and ignorance. This is of course a relationship blog so what am I doing writing about this? Well this is about relationships, believe it or not. When I say have an extraordinary personal relationship I mean it in all aspects. I mean as a society we have to look at our whole environment and how it supports and values the things that hold us together – respect, consideration, and empathy.

The Consequences For Women In A More Modern Society

For here is the deal. Societies are getting more modern and more modern. Women, maybe much more so than men, have had to learn how to adjust. In a lot of our more ‘modern’ societies, the stay-at-home mom is becoming a thing of the past. Women have to be juggling careers and other stuff including raising the next generation. Is it too much to expect that our public amenities make the adjustments that are in keeping with these changes?

What Amenities Are Reasonable To Expect In Public Spaces?

And oh, this thing about breast-feeding being a chore, well there are so many layers to this that need to be torn off. When a baby needs to be breast-fed, there is nothing “chorish” about that. It’s a function of motherhood. It is not chore you can spawn off to someone else. Yes women have different ways of dealing with this but to call this a chore? Come on, how insensitive and stupid can you be to tell someone that?

Look, the times are a-changing as they say and I understand some public amenities will take time to catch up with the requirements of modern-day living. But, at the very least organizations whether public or private should be thinking about these things and how to handle these issues with the public. You should not have some dope guy dishing out breast-feeding advice to a mom who rightly is pointing out to you to get with the program.

And I have one question for this guy – what do you say to your girlfriend, or sister, or mother after all of this? Maybe not much.

Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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