Dear Boyfriend – I Love You, But

Dear Boyfriend – I Love You, But

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Dear boyfriend, I truly love you but there are words I want to say, things I need to say. I hope you will take these with the spirit with which they were written – a spirit of undying love. Undying love for who we are, for what we have.

And yes I know it is strange saying “I love you – but,” because there really should be no ‘buts’ between us – literally and figuratively of course. πŸ™‚

My dear boyfriend we have been through so much together. The good times, and the bad times have fashioned a love that will last forever. I hope. We have climbed mountains together, we have scoured valleys together. Some we have conquered, some we are still working on conquering.

I love you. But, there’s a lot on my mind about us. About where we are going. About who we are as a couple, a two-some.

Dear Boyfriend – Let’s Talk About Love

So let’s talk. I want to talk about love.

Yes, I know, I know, I can hear you asking “After all this time together, you wanna talk about love?”

Well yeah! I wanna talk about Love!

And I wanna talk about love with You! Not with my mom, or my dad. Because I know what their love for me means.

What I really want to know is, what does your love for me means to you?

You know they say there are 7 types of love, but as far as I am concerned, there’s just one love, experienced in different ways.

So here’s my real question for us? – How many different ways are we prepared to experience love? How many different ways do we want to?

I ask because I suspect we are limiting ourselves in how we love each other.

Now, do you understand the “I love you, but?” – I love you, but I want to love you more. And more. Not only always, but ALL Ways.Β 


The ALL-Ways I Want To Love You

So I mentioned earlier that they say there are maybe 7 kinds of love. To me honey, it doesn’t matter the number. What matters to me is the way we love each other.

Let us look at what they call the different kinds of love. Should we? Just to use them as a guide because I want to get this right between us.

I want to know that we are leaving nothing on the table when it comes to our love. I want it all, for us.

So honey, indulge me for a while. This is for us. Let’sΒ  examine the ways they say we can love each other because I don’t want us to miss out on any of this.

Philia β€” Because Friendship Is So Important

dear boyfriend

Philia my dear boyfriend, is about friendship. Isn’t that a good place to start. Because before we were lovers we were friends. Remember? How we used to just sit and talk about life, and fun stuff?

Our friendship grew until we grew onto each other. Oh, I am so glad we got to be friends before we became lovers.

They say Philia love is based on shared values. But that’s exactly how our friendship grew – we found out that we had so much in common – the things about life that we value.

And maybe most importantly, boyfriend, we grew tremendous respect for each other. We got to know each other’s boundaries and how to respect them.

Oh yeah, Philia, we got that part right my dear. And I’m so happy that we did.

We have become true and real friends. I never want us to take that for granted, I want us to always, always cherish what this means for us.

Because, my dear boyfriend, my true friend, my lover, it allows us to be authentic with each other.

And oh! Authenticity – a big word that leads to bigger things.

Bigger things in our hearts, in our romance, in our individual pursuits, in our achievements. Because we are real with each other, nothing is fake. We keep it real baby!

Cheers, for all the times we spent on Philia.

Yes, I want to love you in a Philious way. (Is that even a word? πŸ™‚ ) Who cares? Not you, not me!

Pragma β€” Because Love Is Enduring My Dear Boyfriend

dear boyfriend enduring love


They say Pragma is not so much about falling in love, but standing in love. Wow! Boyfriend that is deep. Standing together in love forever, baby!

I wonder what comes first – falling in love or standing in love. We must have a conversation about this one day. But until then lets see how we are doing here.

And I promise you, this is my promise to you, wherever I’m not doing well, wherever I am not measuring up to all these wonderful types of love, I will do better. You know I will. Because I want to love you so much, I want to love us so much.

If Pragma is about endurance then there must be commitment and dedication. Commitment to who we are, our values, our dreams and the dedication to maintain that commitment. Makes sense boyfriend? I know you get it because you have never not shown commitment and dedication. I want to thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart.

Rather than focusing on my faults and shortcomings, you always seek to be the mirror to my better self. I could not ask for more. And I LOVE YOU for that.

Storge –Β  Love That Comes Easy

When I saw what this Storge love was about I said, “What? Love doesn’t come easy!” Then I read some more.

It is a love that is naturally occurring, you know like love between parents and children. And yes, that is easy. And maybe for some love do come easy, they fall in love so easily.

Good for them boyfriend, we just grew into love.

But now our love is so easy. So easy to experience, so easy to give. And we will keep it going by forgiving readily, being there for each other, share our failures and our triumphs. We will just enjoy this great ride, sharing and valuing memories along the way.

Years from now, dear boyfriend, our love will come as easy as it does today.


Eros β€” Romantic Love Baby – We Got This Dear Boyfriend


Just look at them! Look at them! Doesn’t that remind you of us?Β 

It’s us at our primal best baby.

That’s what they say Eros is, and that’s who we are. Pure primal chemistry, natural to us as breathing is.

You know how I feel around you – can’t help but touching you, always wanting to be touched by you.

That’s what this is about, this thing called Eros. I think we got this baby. Don’t you think so?

Well I sure hope you do boyfriend, and if you don’t, well you know I’ll make you.

You will get it for sure πŸ™‚ .

Do you know, according to myth, they even call it a form of madness. Of course that would be appropriate.

You know it. I know it. We have been there. You and I, mad with passion. But it’s all good, because our madness is usually so well contained. Luckily, for our neighbors πŸ™‚ .

So baby let’s keep this flame going, the passion burning, the madness going.

We got this baby and I’m so happy for us. So happy that we have always experienced this, we have always had great chemistry. I’m just gushing!

Eros is our friend, forever.

Ludus β€” It’s All About Being Playful Baby!

dear boyfriend lets be playful

Somehow baby love, I feel we were playful before anything else. I remember your silly remarks long before we got serious about us. Your playful ways, never seeming to be serious about anything.

So maybe there is something to this playful love thing.

I love how we behave like children at times. At first I found this a bit annoying but boy you converted me so quickly. Play is good. Flirting is good. Laughter is good.

All good for our love.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Our playful love will nurture or more serious love to a maturity befitting who we are. Befitting who we are.

So let our love play on, and on, and on.

Philautia β€” Self Love

love yourself

My dear boyfriend, you know this is one of the most important things to me. How many conversations have we had about this? – Too numerous to count. Darn, more like counting stars!

Because baby, if I don’t love me, how can I even begin to love you?

You and I know a lot of people who are so desperate for love from someone else, so desperate.

Why? Because more often than not, they do not spend the time to love themselves.

I know you got this, but I really want us to embrace this fully, to never forget how important it is.

This is no pie-in-the-sky hokey-poky stuff here. This is important.

I just love how we have talked about this and really got into it so that it will stick.

Like how important it is to know your values and how to stick to them.

And maybe even more important, to not just have values, but values that are edifying.

You and I know a lot of people who do have values, but oh, just messed up values that leave them feeling guilty, lacking, and wanting.

I think one of the main reasons why our relationship seems to be so much fun is because our love is so rich as a result of us taking the time to first love ourselves. Wouldn’t you agree?

Honey, I know it sounds like I am going on and on here but you know how I feel about this.

I want you to love you, even before loving me. And I will readily admit that is self-serving because the more you love you is the more you can love me.

Smart! You know I am! πŸ™‚ .

So when you look into the mirror, know that the love you are feeling is not only for you, but is for me.

And same here! When I look into that mirror, it’s the love for you I wanna see. Got it? I know you do babes.

Agape – Weee Are Going Higher Baby!

They say Agape is the highest level of love. Arrrgh! How could that be? I mean love is love, right?

What do I know. I just know I love you highly! If they want to say that is the highest level, then yeah, I’m good because how else would I love you? – Like, at a lower level? Seriously? Nah, I don’t think so baby.

We are reaching for the stars here, not some play-play love.

So are we missing the mark here? Let’s see if we are.

First it’s about selfless love. Selfless love? But we just spoke about loving self first. Okay, I get it. I get it.

See why self-love is so important? – It leads to this kind of love. You love you, you learn to love without reservation. You learn to love without expecting anything in return. What are you going to expect back from yourself? – Nothing! You just do it and it is its own reward.

Wow! That is heavy but so true.

Are you with me boyfriend? I know you are, I just know what you are thinking – β€œOh, my girl is so smart!” I’m kidding πŸ™‚ . You know I am not that self-absorbed. Just a little bit!

But see how this works baby? It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful how it all relates to each other. All these kinds of love just make each one stronger.

I’m so glad we got this, so glad we understand, even if we didn’t understand it like this.

But we do, absolutely do!

So let’s continue loving us, loving others, caring for us, caring for others.

Showing love in any way we can, to all we can, deserving or not. Because baby, it pays its way back in spades. In spades! It comes right back to us. In Agape!

Can you tell how excited I am? And you know me when I get excited about these things? – It’s all emotions baby, all raw emotions, unafraid and unpretentious.

I love Agape!


So My Dear Boyfriend How Did We Do?

So how do you think we are doing with this love thing hon?

Well, I’m not gonna speak for you but for me, we are doing better than okay.

I know you are most likely going to say, “Oh, I think we are doing ok.” in your own modest way.

Well baby-boy, you can be as modest to your heart’s content as you need to be.

Me? – I’m marking us excellent! Ecellent!

See, I had to know baby, I had to know how we are doing. I had to get rid of my ‘but,’ (no, not that one! I know you πŸ™‚ – I’m keeping this one, for you!)

So we are good baby. I love you. No ifs, not buts.

Except mine of course πŸ™‚ .

Love you dear boyfriend, love you sooo much!


Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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