Effective Communication in An Intimate Relationship

Effective Communication in An Intimate Relationship

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Effective communication in an intimate relationship is one of those areas that most of us just plain sucks. There are so many moving parts with communication that if we do not have the right approach, frustration can build very quickly.

For all some of us know, communication in our relationship sometimes is not much better than goats bleating. That’s how bad it can get sometimes.

The key to effective communication is first understanding that communication is not an end in itself. Effective communication is meant to achieve a particular objective. Even then, it helps to have some great tips on how to achieve meaningful communication in our relationship and have the results we desire.

It doesn’t help our relationship if all we do is seek to be heard, to get our point across and achieve nothing else. That, in fact, is a damaging situation for the relationship.

Effective communication can add so much more to our relationship – zest, trust, confidence, empathy, and yes even deeper intimacy. It can even help in reviving a failing relationship.

Do not underestimate the power of effective communication in your relationship. It can result in less friction and more connection between you and your partner.

Here is a video with some effective tips on effective communication in an intimate relationship. Warning: language is a bit salty but we are all adults here.

Great tips I would say!

The beauty about getting what we desire from our communication with our spouse is the trust and deeper connections it builds. We definitely feel closer to our partner when we are able to work things out amicably and find mutually satisfying solutions.

So next time you have an issue to discuss or something you need to communicate with your partner, keep these tips in mind and see what happens.

Now, go make love anywhere!

Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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