Five Relationship Red Flags

Five Relationship Red Flags

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5 Relationship Red Flags – Video Transcript

Five relationship red flags…. Relationship advice for men and women…

Number One is look how he treats people of lower status: a waitress in the restaurant, people on the street, homeless people. So at the beginning of the relationship, everyone wants to show his best qualities. But, how do you know should you invest in this guy or not? How can you learn about his negative qualities? By looking how he treats people of lower status. He doesn’t have to impress them. So pay attention and if you don’t like how he treats other people, then probably one day he will show the same qualities towards you.

So this is a red flag!

Number Two is to pay attention to how he treats people of higher social status. Why? Because you need to know if he’s going to be successful in the future or not. If he respects other people’s achievements, if he values success, then he will surround himself with successful people and other people’s success will motivate him to be successful.

So do you want to be with a successful guy? Of course, yes. So look how he treats people who achieve a great career in their life, or who build a good business in their life. Also very important, pay attention, if he values social status more than personal qualities. If yes, then this is the ‘Red Flag‘ because later you will have to prove to him over and over again that you are ‘good enough’. Your social status might go up, go down, you’re gonna have different people around you, and some people can be more or less successful than you, so you will constantly have to prove to him that you are ‘good enough’.

Do you want to be happy or do you want to live with the person and prove to him everyday that you are ‘good enough’?

Number Three is to meet his five closest friends. We’re all products of the people that we hang out with the most. If you absolutely don’t like something about his friends, then this is a ‘red flag’ because people make best friends only when they have common interests, common goals, when they share common values in life.

So if you don’t like or can’t stand something in his friend’s behavior or qualities, then this is the ‘red flag’. Unfortunately there is a huge chance, like 99.9% that he shares the same quality, but right now he’s hiding it.

Number Four is his history of long-lasting relationships. The general rule is, if the guy is older than 25 and has never lived with any girl, he has never been in a relationship that last more than a year, then this is a ‘red flag’ because he has a trust issue and he has a commitment issue in 99.9% of the time.

At sometime, he will decide that you are not good enough for him or he will put huge, super high expectation on you: what you ‘have’ to do in your relationship or what you ‘should’ do in the relationship, and you’re going to have to prove to him over and over again that you are a great girl.

At the beginning of the relationship it may seem as if he’s an amazing person, he’s sweet, he’s caring, he is an amazing guy, but if he never had a long-lasting relationship, pay attention – this is the ‘red flag’.

Number Five is what he says about his ex. If he’s saying this, he’s like a perfect boyfriend or perfect man and she was the bad one. She betrayed him, she lied to him, she disrespected him. She was such and such… and he was like the perfect man in the relationship, then this is the ‘red flag’.

There are always two people in a relationship and there are no ideal people, there are no perfect people that are not perfect relationship, so it’s okay, and it’s normal when people have misunderstandings, when they have some conflicts, when they have to solve some problems in the relationship. It’s not post possible for one to be perfect and for the second one to be the cause of all the problems. If he’s blaming his ex in everything or his is saying that he had the bad luck, then pretty soon he’s going to blame you in all his problems and he is going to blame you in all misunderstandings in the relationship.

He’s gonna blame you that you lied to him, that you disrespected him and all those bad things that he said about his ex. The person should take responsibility in the relationship. We all do mistakes and sometimes we are rude, sometimes we are angry, sometimes we disrespectful, sometimes we will behave terrible.

So it’s not possible for someone to be perfect all the time and for another person to be the bad one all the time. So people should learn from their relationship. And if the person is saying that, “Yes, you know, my ex, she had some good qualities, but she had those qualities that, unfortunately, I could not accept. In this case, the person is accepting that he did something wrong. It’s not only about his ex. He learned something from the relationship and he wants to build a better relationship. This is a good sign.

But if he’s blaming her and saying that he is the Mr. Perfect, than this is a ‘red flag’ for you.

Let’s summarize. Five relationship red flags / Five dating red flags. Number one is to pay attention to how he treats people of lower status. Number two, pay attention to how he treats people of higher status. Number three, pay close attention to five of his best friends, five people that he hangs out with the most. Number four is his history of long-lasting relationship. And Number five is what he’s saying about his ex.

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