Relationship Quotes – A Better Relationship

Relationship Quotes – A Better Relationship

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We all love nice-sounding relationship quotes. It would really help if we would stop for a minute to  think about these quotes and what they can mean for our relationship.

Relationship quotes are normally catchy, giving most of them currency and attractiveness. However if they bring no value beyond just being catchy or cute, they are as useful to our relationship as some cheesy-sounding love song.

Below are some relationship quotes. Some are taken from Bikini Relationship Rescue book series, but each one has tremendous value for a personal, intimate relationship.

Feel free to share – you may just be the one to make the difference to someone’s day. 

Relationship Quotes About Loving Yourself

Love yourself So you can feel totally deserving of the love of others. Click To Tweet

If you have a problem in you loving yourself enough, you are going to find it extremely difficult to make a real emotional connection with someone else at a healthy level.

If you have not learnt to love enough about yourself, and experiencing the comfort that comes from that, you are hardly going to be comfortable in allowing anyone else access to that which you have not yet realized is lovable.

So what does it mean to really love you, to find yourself lovable?

Do not be self-indulgent, self-serving, and certainly do not be self-absorbed.

Recognize your own inherent gifts, the unique qualities you bring to your own life that no one else could bring.

Recognize the little things about you that you value because you know they are who you are and what makes you, you.

Not too sure what these things are? 

Make a list. Do it now! And start feeling the love.

The Importance of Loving Yourself

You are in your relationship ultimately to receive and experience something that is already within you. Love yourself. Click To Tweet

In order to have the best experiencing in your relationship, that experience has to be filtered through the experience of loving yourself. 

Practice experiencing the very love you have for yourself so that you will never lose the capacity to recognize and enjoy it.

Having someone love you is wonderful, but you cannot appreciate that fully until you first learn to love yourself. Click To Tweet

Loving yourself does not mean being self-absorbed. It means having no doubt that you are completely deserving of all the wonderful experiences coming your way.

You have to know who you are and who you are asking others to love. If you do not love the person in the mirror, then you are going to be uncomfortable with someone else loving that same person. Click To Tweet

Do you know who you are asking others to love? 

Take stock and now and again remind yourself so that you can not only continue to be that person, but be completely convinced that you deserve to be loved.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can make someone fall in love with you. You can only make yourself available to be loved by first loving yourself. Click To Tweet

Relationship Quotes – Satisfaction In Your Relationship

Your highest level of satisfaction within your relationship will happen when and only when you feel completely free to give of your very best in that relationship. Click To Tweet

Complete satisfaction in your relationship will come when you feel no constraint to give of your very best. That means the right relationship environment has been created that frees you of any doubt and fills you with desire for more.

Strive to cultivate that environment.

You do not owe anyone the luxury of you being less than you so that they can be less than themselves, because that will be their luxury, not yours. Click To Tweet

If you have to be constantly less than who you are in your relationship just so someone can be comfortable, you will never be satisfied.

You owe no one that luxury, because in the end you both will be dissatisfied. 

Relationship Quotes – Intimacy 

What takes place outside the bedroom does not stay outside the bedroom; neither does what happens in the bedroom stays inside the bedroom. Click To Tweet

Love-making in the bedroom has to be rooted in something outside of the bedroom.

It cannot just be ‘That’s the boy, that’s the girl, that’s the bed, and here’s the joy.’ Something has to be going on beyond that – well hopefully.

A lot of that something that goes on takes place outside of the bedroom first.

How likely is it that you are going to have a great time in the bedroom when you are having a lousy time outside of it?

Not much.

In an intimate relationship, often it is not what you know about your partner that matters, but what you actually feel or experience coming from your partner. Click To Tweet

Be careful of what you are communicating to your partner in your relationship. It matters not who you are, or who your partner knows you to be.

What matters eventually is how you make them feel. 

This is the nature of intimacy.

In an intimate relationship it is the dance that produces music; once you stop dancing, the music stops. Click To Tweet

Want to keep the music going in your relationship? Then don’t stop dancing.

Always be communicating.

Always be attentive.

Be always supportive.

Always be generous. 

Always be appreciative.

Those are what will keep the music playing. That’s the dance you must always be willing to have.

Relationship Quotes – Loving Someone

Be more desirous of experiencing love than being loved, for as great as being loved is, it is not as great as experiencing love. Click To Tweet

Too many of us are more desirous of being loved rather than experiencing love. 

Sure, it is great to be loved. But being loved and having the experience of truly loving someone is way more satisfying. 

Seek to love as much as you would like to be loved.

Being in love is not enough to keep a relationship together. Click To Tweet

In a study on relationship longevity, it was found that the qualities that kept successful marriages going was not love, but generosity and kindness.

How surprising this must be to some of us. 

Relationship Quotes On Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy in a relationship means that we’re safe enough to reveal the truth about ourselves in all its creative chaos. Click To Tweet

Emotional intimacy can be a bump in the road in any relationship. Feeling unsafe to interact at our deepest level can be very demanding.

Achieving emotional intimacy in any relationship means taking chances. Therefor it may mean getting naked emotionally at times in order to experience the best of the relationship.

However, oftentimes it is a rather chaotic undertaking, requiring humility and understanding from both partners. 

Intimacy starts with your thoughts, your emotions - your thoughts about who you are, your emotions and thoughts about your partner, your emotions and thoughts about particular actions. Click To Tweet

Be extra careful of the thoughts and emotions you hold about your relationship, who you are, and your partner. These have a direct effect on the extent to which you will be able to fully enjoy that relationship.

Real emotional intimacy can be a high in any intimate relationship once the barriers are removed. Click To Tweet

Enhancing emotional intimacy in your relationship can be a huge challenge in the face of self-created barriers. Click To Tweet

Emotional intimacy does not happen overnight in a relationship. It takes time.

You must build the trust that underlies it. 

Removing barriers that may be in the way takes time.

Gaining an understanding of your place in an intimate relationship and how to best relate takes time and particular skills.

Work to remove any challenge to emotional intimacy that you may have.

Work to establish emotional intimacy and lay the groundwork for a highly fulfilling relationship.

Making the Complex Less Complex

Intimate relationships are hard work as we humans are complex creatures. However, in our complexity we still aspire for simplicity to our lives.

Meaning relationship quotes, properly understood, and properly applied can help in making our relationships less complex.

The above relationship quotes are deliberately coined to provide real meaning to couples who are sincere about building an extraordinary relationship.

Share these quotes, with the knowledge that you may just be the one to give a struggling relation some hope and insight to find a way.

Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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