Some Great Relationship Advice for Women

Some Great Relationship Advice for Women

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Why is it that relationship advice for women is typically different than relationship advice for men?

Because while everyone is an individual, very often men and women communicate differently and have different priorities.

And though we are talking primarily about a heterosexual relationship here, the same could apply in even other types of relationships.

Many men take a logical approach to relationships whereas women often respond to how they feel in the relationship.

Really effective advice for women will address this difference in how we communicate.

For example, this may help to explain why someone doesn’t change as quickly or easily as we expect. 

Relationship Advice For Women – Men & Women Communication Styles

Men and women tend to have different communication styles, which impacts how they process information.

One such example is that women often talk in their relationship in order to make emotional connections.

Men on the other hand tend to talk to convey information or gain knowledge.

Think of when you go out with your girlfriends – it’s nonstop chatter about anything and everything important to you. It’s about making connections.

So any relationship advice for women has to factor in the different communication styles between men and women. Of course we are talking about heterosexual relationships here. The dynamics may differ in other types of relationships or they may not.

One of the important things for a woman to understand in dealing with her man is how he process information.

This is important, because it no doubt will determine how he communicates and how he understands her.

For a woman what is important to understand here with regards to communication in her relationship?

You and your man communicate in a different way. If he seems to just want to get to the point rather than into the details, it doesn’t mean he is not interested. It just means his interest is focused differently. 

So how can you benefit from knowing this? Here is how.

For a conversation that is really important to you, start out with framing the conversation in a manner that gives direct information. That way you establish a deeper degree of interest.

From that deeper degree of interest you are more likely to get a more engaged partner in what you really want to discuss.

Women, Family And The Home – Make Space

Men and women love their family equally. However, a man’s way of expressing that love could be markedly different from a woman’s.

A mother is more likely to be the nurturer, the one probably more patient with the foibles of the kids, and even the pets. A man may be more interested in having things running smoothly around the house and don’t want to be bothered by the little hiccups.

Do not mistake this for disinterest or even annoyance. More often it is likely that he just wants to see organization and predictability.

Use this to guide how you organize the home and how you make time for your relationship. Yes, it is going to be disorganized in the home at times. However, you can make sure you set aside time where things can be more predictable such as family dinners or even a date night.

Setting Relationship Goals – Take Charge

Every relationship should have set goals. These goals have to be a mutual set of achievable outcomes. A relationship without specific goals may just go asunder. 

But goals do more than just keep the relationship on a clear path. Goals, once achieved, add something special to the relationship.

Research has shown making definite commitments to your relationship gives it a much higher chance of succeeding. 

In fact specifically with regards to marriage, the same research shows that couples who just slide into marriage by default of being together do their marriage much harm in the long run.

So it stands to reason that women, the more likelier of the sex to want relationship goals, should play a leading part in establishing these goals. 

Taking this approach is just doing what is best for the long term interests of the relationship.

Cultivating Support and Understanding In Your Relationship

One of the threat to relationships that go on for quite some time, is emotional distance tends to grow to the detriment of the relationship health.

Unfortunate as this is, it is understandable. We are but humans and we do get used to habits and mannerisms of each other in a relationship environment. This can lead to diminished interest in some aspects of the relationship. 

Address this in a proactive manner so it doesn’t get lonely very fast both in and outside the bedroom.

Again, because of the nature of how men and women deal with communication and even their feelings, it is preferable that the female put deliberate effort in cultivating a high emotional connection from early on.

So how can you ensure that your relationship does not suffer from emotional distance over time?

Make deliberate attempts to engage each other in things that are near and dear to your heart. These do not have to be common things between you. They can be values or things you want to achieve in your life. They can even be favorite people and what they stand for.

Having these conversations create more emotional connection that is likely to last a life-time because these conversations are important to you both in different ways.

Of course,  this does not mean that men shouldn’t step up and do their part in keeping the relationship alive and healthy. If talk is important to a woman then of course he should make an effort to open up.

Emotional intimacy is important to the health of  the relationship. Healthy communication is key in having strong emotional intimacy and building trust. And certainly, if communication and thoughtfulness is important to her, he can work on those areas as well.

Relationship Advice for Women – The Key Factor

A good relationship is made up of two people trying their best to accommodate each other as they learn what is important to that person.

So relationship advice for women must also be about understanding the differences between how men see things from how women see them.

The key factor for women is knowing the part they can play in using their special skills and fostering a healthy relationship.

Take charge of your relationship early and reap the benefits long term.

Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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