The Wonderful Baggage of Love

The Wonderful Baggage of Love

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This is a special message from me on what I consider to be ‘the wonderful baggage of love.’ I hope you enjoy it.

The wonderful baggage of love will have you traveling lighter along this wonderful journey we call life. Love is the weightless baggage that you need to take with you everywhere you go.

You cannot proceed without love and be sustained. You have to come to know this as much as the morning knows the dawn, as much as the plant knows the soil. Come to know this because mostly everything else is baggage — some to sustain love by nourishing it, some to destroy love by undermining it.

By all means carry some baggage but only that which sustain love. Your soul will be lighter for it.

Hatred paralyzes life, love releases it;

Hatred confuses life, love harmonizes it;

Hatred darkens life, love illuminates it.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King

Life as we know it can either be something that we grow in and is enlarged by, or something that diminishes and make us smaller. Life is full of baggage, from those we willingly choose to carry because they hold values for us, to those that burden us down because they have not much meaning or value to us.

The former, for example the wonderful baggage of love, makes us stronger and sustains us; the latter saps our strength.

Our physiology knows what it takes to keep us physically nourished. When we have a meal, our body knows how to process the food we eat, how the nourishment is to be allocated, which organs are to get what. This does not change with each meal we eat. It is the same thing over and over again. The healthy body knows its nourishment, welcomes it and uses it wisely. And even the unhealthy body, given the correct environment, will attempt to heal itself.

Love — The Nourishment of The Soul

So it is with the soul. Its nourishment is love. The non-physical parts of us need nourishment just as much as the physical parts do. It is the soul that knows how to allocate this nourishment. Our mind, our self-esteem, the sense of who we are, all need nourishment.

Hate and fear cannot provide this nourishment. They are toxins to the soul. Only love can nourish us.
If our physical parts cannot function properly without adequate nourishment, then why do we not believe that also applies to our nonphysical parts?

If we are determined to proceed without love then all we will end up doing is growing very tired instead of growing. Soon, we will just give up on ourselves.

You, I, were not made to give up. Love does not give up. Love is its own sustenance, its own momentum. And the great news? — We were made from love.
But you may have doubts about that at times, so here is the proof with one simple exercise.

Your Physiology Is of Love — The Proof

Stand in front of a mirror, pick any inanimate object in your house — a chair, a table, anything you are familiar with.

Close your eyes, pretend you absolutely hate the object you chose. Feel yourself hating that object. Continue for a minute in this state, really generating feelings of hate, all the while noting the feelings and sensations in your body.

Now open your eyes. Take a look at your face. I’m willing to bet my last dollar it’s not the face that you have come to love so much. It looks a bit unwelcome to you.

And your feelings, the sensations that you felt in your body while you were hating on that object in your house? Were they pleasant? I bet not.

Now, repeat the exercise, but this time instead of directing feelings of hate at the object, direct feelings of love. Again, take note of the sensations going through your body.

Open your eyes after a minute and look in the mirror at your face. Do you see the difference? You should see a calmer you, if you did the exercise properly.

What does this weird exercise prove? — That you are made from love. Your physiology is made from love. The waves, the sensations, the materials that keep it together run properly on love.

They run terribly on hate. This is indisputable.

What a wonderful thing to know — you are made from love itself. You just saw proof.
The reason why this is so, is because love is truth; hate is distortion. You cannot properly process distortion without adverse consequences.

Pretending you hated that object was a distortion. Not so much because of the pretense, but because hate itself distorts. Your whole physiology is bound to be out of sync in an environment of hate. Hate is a foreign matter to it.

Love on the other hand is truth, truth that produces order. Your body could not hold together for very long if it had to function in a constantly unordered state.

So proceed as much as possible with love.

Sustaining Yourself With The Baggage of Love

Learn to love yourself. Treat yourself as the best friend you will ever have. Do not lie to yourself. Do not allow yourself to be diminished by developing a need to lie to others. You do not owe anyone that destructive kind of luxury.

Be true with yourself, do not indulge in idle pretensions — you are what you are. Do not indulge in delusions about others — they are who they are. Do not get caught in the traps set by the mindset of the world and end up having guilty feelings about your mistakes instead of genuine regrets.

Do not attempt to live up to the standards of the world — the world has no standard that could leave you feeling fulfilled. The world has standards for itself, not you. Live up to the standards that come from knowing yourself. Embrace that which is worthy about you, because that is all there is about you. Anything unworthy is not of you. They are just unwelcome baggage to be put down some place.

Do not buy into the distortions of the world. Do not choose to hate because things have been done to you. People can, and will do things to you. Sometimes ugly, hurtful things. But only you can decide what will hurt you. No one else should have that power over you.

Know your truth, know what is true about you — the good and the bad. Accept it all so no one can ‘surprise’ you with their own truth about you.

This is loving yourself in truth. You should proceed no other way because truth is the constant companion of love. It is a baggage yes, but it is what makes truth so worthy and powerful. And they can never be separated.

You can truly build the relationship you desire and have it carry around the wonderful baggage of love. You can work on your relationship problems and gain the insights to solve them with the right approach. Yes, you can experience the wonderful baggage of love that never weights you down.

Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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