Trust Building In A Relationship

Trust Building In A Relationship

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Building trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, especially romantic or intimate relationships. But as important as trust is to the healthy functioning of these relationships, too many people just go through the motions, role the dice and hope that trust emerges. Well this is an almost impossible situation. If you want real trust in your relationship you simply have to work at building it. But how do you go about doing this?

Get To Know What Is Important To Each of You

The first place you start in building trust  is with honesty about who each of you are. You both have to have the confidence in your own feelings, your own values and your principles to want to share them with each other. This of course means having discussions over time about these things. The very fact that there is a willingness to have these discussions is enough to start the ball rolling with regards to building trust.

How exactly do you go about having these discussions? What do you even say or not say? Well, a good approach to take is to be sure to explain why certain things are important to you. Why you feel a certain way about certain things. What experiences have led you to have these feelings and why it is important to your own happiness that these are reflected in how you live your life.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Taking time to explain the reasons for the importance of these principles to you, helps to give authenticity to your expressions and your feelings. Moreover, you start to lay the groundwork for connecting points in your relationship. The other party will start to recognize issues or points of interest that are intriguing or important to them. You are now getting support from the other party involved for the things that are important to you. This has been made possible by the fact that you took the time to provide solid explanations for why these are important to you. This is an extremely attractive characteristic in any relationship – when someone is able to explain in a compelling manner why a particular principle or value is important to their life.

Having had these discussions, it is important that your actions reflect the principles that best define who you are. So it is advisable that those life principles that are important to you are followed up by actions to demonstrate that this is more than just talk. This an extremely important step in the trust building process and should never be ignored.

Trust building in a relationship is of course hard word, but it can be done with a systematic and conscious approach that results in a stronger and more lasting relationship.


Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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