Trust Building – Your Morals and Character Are Not Enough

“If your intimate relationship is going to be an extra-ordinary one, you have to be prepared to go beyond the ordinary; you have to learn to trust fully.”

Trust is one area of our relationship where we seem to have so many challenges. The problem is you can’t treat trust in an intimate relationship the way you treat it in other relationships.

What is trust really? What is trust really about? Why is trust so important in an intimate relationship? Here is the bottom-line on trust in an intimate relationship – it is first and foremost about comfort. Comfort that removes inhibitions, that makes it desirable to give fully, comfort that allows you to appreciate more, comfort to let you be your best in your relationship. That is the kind of trust and the only kind that is viable in an intimate relationship; that is the kind of trust you should want in your relationship. That is the kind of trust I want to speak to you about.

Healthy trust means being comfortable to be all of you, to infuse your relationship with what only you can infuse it with so that it is unique, rewarding, and attractive to your partner, so it can be the relationship that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

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