Why You May Hate Your Marriage – The Ego

Why You May Hate Your Marriage – The Ego

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The ego can be very insidious in your relationship. As it convinces you that it is acting in your best interest, it is really acting in its own best interest. No wonder you feel so empty at times. No wonder you feel that something is missing. The ego, left to its own accord, will fill itself up while having you thinking you are the one who is experiencing fulfillment.

the ego in relationships

You must separate yourself from your ego if you are going to find fulfillment in your relationship. The ego will have you doing its bidding by convincing you you are the one that will be satisfied in doing so. Happily distance yourself from your ego and it will happily leave you alone in your relationship.

Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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