What Is The Pregnancy Watermelon Challenge? The TikTok Trend Explained

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Watch a dad-to-be struggle with everyday tasks after his pregnant wife straps a 20 pound watermelon to his body in the pregnancy watermelon challenge on TikTok.

— @hannahjeanrn / TikTok

Even with period pain simulators and more open discussions about the female body, there is still no good way a cis-man can understand the true plight of pregnancy. One woman got creative and decided to strap a watermelon to her husband’s stomach, as part of the pregnancy watermelon challenge, so he could see just how hard it is to walk around and live everyday life with a 32-week pregnant belly.

TikTok mom Hannah Jean shared a now-viral video of her husband participating in the watermelon challenge on TikTok, and the results were hilarious and satisfying. In fact, now I believe that every dad-to-be (and every man!) should strap a watermelon to their stomach to get a glimpse into pregnancy.

What is the pregnancy watermelon challenge?

“Having my husband walk a few minutes in my shoes,” Hannah Jean said in a voiceover on the video that now has over 10.5 million views.

She recorded the moment they pick out the perfect watermelon at Trader Joe’s as they then head home so she can plastic wrap the melon to her husband’s body along with some mangos on his pectorals for good measure.

After he is good and strapped in to his make-shift pregnant body, she drops a pen on the floor to see if he can pick it up. After some attempts, he eventually gets into the position of the pregnancy squat to grab the pen.

Hannah then makes him sit down in a chair and attempt to put on socks and shoes, which any pregnant woman knows, is not easy with a giant pregnant stomach in the way. He chuckles as he maneuvers the socks and shoes onto his feet.

She then assigns him the tasks of vacuuming, cleaning up the house, and the ever-exhausting job of getting in and out of bed.

After just about 15 minutes of living life with a pregnant stomach, Hannah shows a clip of her husband, in pain, trying to stretch out his back. He then collapses onto the couch, literally out of breath, as he says, “I’m tired” to his pregnant wife.

After the video went viral, moms raved in the comment section about her brilliant idea to give her husband just a taste of the pregnant life.

“He should’ve tried to get in and out of his vehicle and drive down the block. Great video! You’re a beautiful mom, and hubby is a trooper,” one user wrote.

Another pointed out that the extra weight of a pregnant stomach os just the top of the iceberg when it comes to the woes of being pregnant. “And that’s JUST the weight. Not even the hormones or the kicking 😭,” they said.

The video gained so much popularity that Hannah and her husband went for round 2 of the pregnancy watermelon challenge.

In the second video, Hannah asks her husband to simulate shaving his hair down there area as well as his legs. He chuckles and shakes his head, seeing that it’s nearly impossible with a 20-pound watermelon strapped on your body.

He also tries to get into a car and go for a long walk. Hilariously, as the day goes on and he works on doing other tasks, his mangos begin to fall.

All too real, am I right, ladies?

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