Taking Care of You

Taking Care of You

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How good are you in taking care of you? Simple question, right? Well, you would be surprised at how many of us just do not pay attention to taking care of ourselves fully. Your relation needs you to be at your best, maybe not everyday, but most of the time. Taking care of you is as important as taking care of your relationship.

Ways We Neglect Ourselves

There are so many ways in which we choose to neglect ourselves. Physically we may neglect basic things such as regular exercise. In our fast-paced world it is becoming harder and harder for us t o find time to exercise. However, even a basic healthy lifestyle requires that we find a few minutes a day to do some basic physical exercise.

Another area we tend to neglect is our emotional health. Yes, most of us are doing just fine. We are not crazy. But not being crazy does not mean we are emotionally healthy in the manner that a healthy relationship requires. Emotional health means having a healthy outlook, being able to cope with everyday difficulties without being overcome by them.

Our spiritual health is extremely important in how we relate to life and even to each other. Spiritual health may or may not have anything to do with religion. However it has a lot to do with values and how you relate to life itself. So pay attention to this area of your life even if you are not into religion.

Ways To Better Take Care of You

Set aside some quiet time for yourself every day. You may not be able to spend the amount of time you need, but try and make it a habit. Yoga and meditation, even for a few minutes is great in calming the mind. Moreover, these practices condition you to be more in the moment. And guess where that comes in very handy – in the bedroom where you are more able to enjoy your body.

Try and engage in physical exercise at least 3 times per week. Aerobics is great to keep your circulation healthy. A healthy circulation also helps with libido. Mixing up your aerobics can be fun while helping your mood. If you can, try doing some light weight training. This will help your muscles and enhance fat burning.

Pay attention to your physical grooming. It could be your hair, your skin, your nails or even your hands and feet. Lovingly taking care of these Goes a far way in maintaining a healthy self-image – a must for a healthy relationship.

Peta Jane Kayes

MBA - Human Resources Management, Author, mother, wife, my passion is relationships and healthy living.

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